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Sample Data

            "text":"I was really sad when they close the one in Yonkers New York because that one was close to me.This establishment has the best little appetizers in the world. You can have like three of those small little burgers and order of boneless or bone in wings and be satisfied. Not to mention the cosmos are out of this world.The staff are usually chill and relaxed.....",
            "title": null,
            "user":"Syeda P.",
            "user_location": "Mount Vernon, United States"
            "vendor_id": null,
            "text":"TLDR; I got the sickest I've been in years from gluten (i have celiac disease) despite this place claiming to be allergy friendly, and the waiter was rude....",
            "title":"Stanley has an ace product here.",
            "user":"Adaire K.",
            "user_location": "New York, United States",
            "vendor_id": null,

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